Services and Prices

Emily Pocock is an Independent Health Visitor and practicing Paediatric Nurse. With over 10 years’ experience working with and supporting children and their families.

Being independent means that you can book to see Emily at a time to suit you (including evenings and weekends) so you won’t need to wait for an overloaded NHS Health Visitor to squeeze you in.

Emily offers support and advice when it comes to parenting any 0-3 year old, covering topics such as

  • Preparing for your baby

  • Understanding your baby’s cues

  • Feeding, weaning and growth

  • Understanding development from 0-2.5 years and developmental checks

  • Enhancing your baby’s brain development through play

  • Behaviour 0-3 years

  • Sleep (or lack of) management

  • The right routine for you and your child

  • Home safety

  • Postnatal depression identification and support

Organising a Visit

Emily offers an initial FREE 15-minute telephone consultation in addition to Organising

A Typical Package Includes


£4030 minute Skype or telephone call – £40
  • A short conversation can often be enough to troubleshoot any concerns you might have, resulting in alleviating any fears, and boosting your confidence.


£65 - £8060 minute Skype or telephone call -£65 || 60 minute home visit – £80
  • This hour session gives enough time to thoroughly explore any issues you might have. It includes an email assessment before, and a plan emailed after the consultation. Guaranteed to boost your confidence.


  • This is a bespoke package designed to suit your family’s needs. Providing advice and support, and reviewing progress weekly.

E - Package

£65 Month / Week / Day
  • A great option for behaviour training. An ongoing email support service with a personalised plan developed totally to suit you and your family’s needs. This package includes an assessment form, plus an in-depth personalised plan for you and your baby, supported by follow up emails.