What is a Health Visitor

A Health Visitor is a Nurse or Midwife who has completed a second degree or Masters in Public Health, giving them a professional qualification to practice as a Health Visitor.

They are trained in helping parents make positive choices to improve health outcomes for the entire family.  Every new baby in the UK is visited by the Health Visitor in the first 10-14 days. They are trained to support parents in pregnancy and until the child is 5 years old.

They are highly skilled professionals trained in giving support to families at home or in clinics. They can support families in a variety of different areas such as; antenatal and postnatal, premature infants, infant feeding and monitoring infant growth, weaning onto solid food, child development, postnatal depression, the emotional change of becoming a new parent, reading baby cues, managing minor ailments, supporting children with special needs, preventing and reducing accidents.

Every child in the UK has a Health Visitor from 0-5 years. This is normally a shock to most people as it can be rare to even see your Health Visitor. This is due to service cuts within the NHS, typically Health Visitors with a caseload of 500 families, sometimes more in certain communities.

A Health Visitor is a valued asset to any family with children, and it’s unfortunate that families do not get more contact with one under the NHS.

If you feel your family would benefit from more contact with a Health Visitor, Baby Confidence is a great option.